via our bespoke one-to-one support to help you overcome the barriers

Scaling a business is a highly rewarding experience, yet many describe their journey as lonely. Together as Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, we provide you with that all important peer-to-peer support.

"One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide" - Brene Brown

All scaling businesses face common challenges that hinder their speed of growth. Whether it be cashflow, skills shortage, a suitable business model, leadership, infrastructure and / or new customers and markets, we are here to help identify these hurdles, uncover the root cause, clear the way for change and open doors to new opportunities.

We are catalysts for rapid business growth.



Leadership and Your People

Your people are your greatest asset and at Scale Up North East we work alongside you to engage, empower, and align your teams to your vision, mission, and values. Leadership can be one of the most challenging aspects of growing a business and we are dedicated to ensuring the Leaders of Scaling businesses are living the lifestyle and reaching the ambitions they set out to achieve.



Preparation is everything when scaling a business. To avoid costly errors, missed opportunities and disappointed customers, we ensure you are fully equipped for all eventualities and have the agility, resilience, and determination to act fast.



Knowing your numbers inside out, for many is a daunting prospect. It does not need to be. Accessing financial support whether it be a loan, funding, investment are all vehicles for growth, yet to embark upon such activities takes time, insight, and connections. We remove the fear of finance, limit the time constraints, open doors to investors, prepare you for funding and ensure your business is standing on rocks, not a pack of playing cards.


Accessing New Markets

Reaching, engaging and converting new customers is a regular concern for scaling businesses. If looking to grow nationally or internationally it is having the insight into your target audience, understanding how to reach them, in what way, where and in what format. Skilled in both national and international growth, we prepare you internally (scalable business model) and externally (market penetration) for achieving your goals.


Access to Talent

Identifying skills shortages, recognising the opportunities for upskilling individuals and succession planning are all important requirements when looking to scale. Your people are your power and your platform for accelerated growth, it is therefore our priority to ensure your teams are fit for purpose, engaged, and inspired to deliver outstanding results.



Make Human Intelligence your competitive advantages in 2021

Your brand's purpose should illustrate why your organisation exists, what problems it aims to solve, and who it wants to be to each person it professionally interacts with.


How Scaleup's can attract and retain top talent

"I can't find the talent and skills I need!" - this is one of the most common comments we hear from business owners on the Scaleup North East program.


Harnessing your size and agility as an SME in 2021

Harnessing your size and agility as an SME in 2021. When leading an SME through the immense uncertainty we are facing today, there is the fear you will tip and fall first, leaving only the bigger companies to remain strong, sturdy and able to stay afloat


The future lies in habits not 'horror-scopes'

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, what we know as normal no longer exists. Entire populations, governments and businesses are now trying to come to terms with what the future holds.

I would absolutely recommend Scaleup North East to other businesses. Joining the programme provides access to a team of highly-experienced business professionals.

Christine Lawson - Eduk8 Worldwide