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Is your business looking to achieve high levels of growth? Join the Scaleup North East community and be partnered with people who can provide support and expertise in the specific areas you need it.

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About Scaleup North East

Scaleup North East works with businesses that can demonstrate both the hunger and potential to achieve high levels of growth. Whilst we can’t achieve growth for you, we will do everything in our power to help by providing:

  • A dedicated expert partner who will work with you on your Scaleup journey
  • Access to specialist providers with a proven track record of working with scaleup businesses
  • Specialised events to help you learn and develop new skills
  • Funding advice and support
  • Access and support to an influential scaleup community

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Our Partners

We will match you with one of our experienced Scaleup Partners who will work with you to achieve defined objectives, ensuring you are taking the actions required to scale. They will be your go-to person throughout the process and will:

  • Provide experienced-based advice
  • Work with you to create a Scaleup Action Plan
  • Assist in funding applications
  • Introduce you to scaleup community
  • Challenge you to keep you focussed on your end goal

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Scaleup North East is open and accepting applications. For more information, please contact the team today.

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