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We are no longer taking on Solution Providers for the Scaleup NE Programme

Do you want to become a Scaleup Provider?

The Scaleup North East Community aims to create an ecosystem within which scaling companies can thrive and gain access to the support they need. It brings these companies together with tried and tested providers and tailored solutions that help to address specific scaling challenges.

We want to stimulate the local business support market to see how providers can tailor and adapt existing products and services for a new and growing niche market of scaling businesses.

The five major areas that present challenges for Scaleups are access to talent and skills, leadership capacity, access to markets, finance and flexible infrastructure.

Participating Scaleup NE companies have the opportunity to apply for a small grant to assist with costs. Registered Providers are organisations and individuals or consultants that have significant experience of working with scaling businesses.

Tailored Solutions are bespoke products and services that meet specific issues faced by scaling businesses. Research by the Scale-up Institute highlights that scaling companies want targeted approaches that:

  • Deliver fast results
  • Connect scaling businesses
  • Develops peer networks
  • Raise awareness
  • Provide tangible business outputs from participation

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What is your expertise?

Scaleup North East are looking to identify specialist providers that offer or can create tailored and packaged solutions that address the challenges that emerge as a result of sudden and significant business growth.

These include:

  • Staff retention, development or recruitment as the team suddenly doubles or even triples in size.
  • Helping leaders to understand and address personal barriers that may prevent growth.
  • Structuring and developing a management team to improve communication, leadership and business impact.
  • Improving the use of planning & strategy tools across a business.
  • Helping to reshape a business to maximise investment opportunities, improve cashflow etc.
  • Understanding how physical space, equipment and digital infrastructure can improve productivity.

Can I become a provider of a Scaleup NE Solution?

If you have a tailored and packaged solution that meets the needs highlighted above of Scaling businesses in the North East, we’d like to hear from you.

Please complete our expression of interest, tell us what the solution is and how it is tailored to specifically meet the challenges faced by a scaling business.

Each expression will be considered against the emerging needs of the growing Scaleup NE Community and feedback will be provided. Scaleup North East will work with providers to match the solution with the needs of the scaleup community and support you in promoting the solution within the community as it evolves. Solutions will be:

  • accredited, endorsed and branded as Scaleup NE Solutions
  • highlighted to a growing audience of scaling companies
  • featured in case studies and blogs for the Scaleup NE Community

Providers of accredited solutions may be:

  • offered opportunities to exhibit at regional Scaleup and Growth Hub events
  • commissioned to run subsidised workshops for the Scaleup Community

Scaling companies can apply for a grant to subsidise the cost of engaging with a particular Solution.

To sign up to become a Solutions Provider, fill in our short expression of interest form.

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Scaleup North East is open and accepting applications. For more information, please contact the team today.

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