What is it?

Developing leadership talent through working in close-knit peer-to-peer groups, and providing effective mentoring and professional support to business leaders is what Vistage International was created to deliver.  We know that our programmes allow our high-integrity members to make great decisions more quickly, giving lasting benefits to their companies, families and communities.

  • Each Vistage Group is tailored to the personal and professional development needs of its members, to ensure that every participant gets the maximum benefit possible from their membership.
  • Vistage Groups are carefully constructed to ensure that no competitors, key suppliers or main customers sit on the same Board. It’s one of the reasons why we can successfully process 700 real-life business issues each month with no breach of confidentiality.

In the North East, Vistage offers three leadership development and mentoring programmes:

  • Scale Up Accelerator Groups: for CEOs/MDs running larger SME business (typically £1.5-£50m)
  • Scale Up Incubator Groups: for owner-managers and MDs of smaller businesses (typically £500K-£1.5M) and key executives who directly report to a CEO/MD within a larger business
  • Vistage Inside: for the entire management team of a larger business (typically £50M+ t/o)

Our programmes are delivered through a unique combination of:

  • Facilitated peer-group meetings
  • Insightful and carefrontational individual coaching sessions
  • Leadership Workshops within the group, delivered by subject matter experts
  • Leadership Masterclasses, operating at a regional level, delivered by international thought leaders

In addition, our members have:

  • Access to a rich online library of business growth and leadership development content including best practice case studies, webinars, and white papers
  • Membership of the global Vistage network, linking them to 24,000 other business leaders in 22 countries

We know that Vistage works: independent research shows our members achieve growth rates of between 2.2 and 3.5x that of their competitors.

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