What is it?

As SMEs scale they often do so without first strengthening their organisational structure.

As a result, growing the business becomes similar to building a four storey house on foundations designed originally for a bungalow.  As the business develops cracks appear and are plastered over; the process continues until one day the gable wall falls down.  The cracks were never the real problem, they were just a symptom of the real issue – the weak foundations.

BOS provides the right foundations for SMEs to build a strong, secure and enduring  business. 

What is it and what does it do?

The BOS system provides post-early stage SMEs (employing between 25/30 -160 people)  with the right structure and processes for growth so that they can scale in a secure and highly effective way.

We seek to quadruple the value of our clients’ businesses and help them build a truly great place to work.

We help owners and leadership teams to build a great, dynamic business by implementing the right structure and process. The processes enable you to secure and quadruple the value of your business and create a great and happy place to work.

Install the BOS system to give your business the structure and processes on which you can build strong, secure and enduring success.

The Business Organisation System comprises six principal components, each having 4-5 vital elements.

1. Common Purpose – aligning and motivating your people

2. Getting Things Done – increasing the pace, focus & accountability of your     organisation

3. Data & Processes – building an agile business & ever-improving performance

4. People & Culture – right people, right seats & building a positive, world class culture

5. Marketing & Sales – increasing revenue & building a great customer community

6. Capital – having the required capital to scale & utilising it well.


Prior to working with any business, we agree a set of objectives to be achieved for each of the components to be installed. 

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t achieve these agreed  results.

The guarantee helps to align the interests between us and the client, enabling us to achieve much, much more.



CEO of a recent client:

“Did it work?  Yes, for sure: over a two year period, we increased in profitability by a multiple of 4, built a more coherent and happy workplace and achieved a successful sale of the business.”




SMEs, employing between 25/30 and 160 people


£2,250 per component.