What is it?

Simon Williamson works with leadership teams in growing companies helping them achieve their key objectives faster than they could do by themselves.

He specialises in improving companies’ profits by increasing revenue through sales and marketing, reducing costs, developing a clear strategy and enhancing the skills of employees.

An experienced consultant specialising in leadership, management and team development, Simon supports clients to achieve higher productivity, employee engagement and improved performance at work, enabling them to reach their key objectives faster.

A well-organised, positive and enthusiastic person with over 20 years’ experience at senior executive level. Fully able to help his clients make high-level decisions on both strategic and operational issues. Adaptable, forward thinking and committed to self-development and the development of others.

The Managing for Growth programme develops a culture that translates strategy into measurable outcomes by engaging the leadership and management teams to facilitate change and innovation.Throughout this process participants identify and implement areas for improvement delivering measurable results. This sets the framework for continuous improvement by transferring skills and knowledge, enabling you to translate organisational strategies into real, measurable outcomes.

This 6 month programme covers the following areas and is guaranteed to improve communication, increase efficiency, teamwork, productivity and profit:
Managing for Growth Audit

  • Providing a clear and truthful understanding of where you and your business stand now
  • This will uncover areas that need development and opportunities for growth

Introduction to Management

  • Three Ways Of Managing
  • Situational Leadership
  • What’s Expected of You
  • Value of People and Information

Communicating and Influencing

  • Self-Awareness
  • Perceptions
  • Influencing Styles
  • Empathy
  • Listening Skills
  • Building Rapport
  • Managing Conflict

Motivational Management
Stress Management
Managing Performance

  • Feedback
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Performance Reviews
  • Coaching
  • Interview Skills

Time Management and Delegating
Problem Solving

  • Ideas Generation
  • Decision-Making
  • Innovation

Focus for Action

Throughout the programme you will have access to unlimited telephone and email support.
Spreading the programme over 6 months has the advantage of not taking people away from the workplace for long periods of time and therefore having minimal disruption to work routines. People become skilled in a new way of working and attitude and culture changes are sustained, with results continuing to be delivered to the bottom line long after the programme has ‘ended’.




Scaling companies

This programme is financially guaranteed to deliver a positive Return on Investment. If, at the end of the programme, your company does not receive at least a one-time return on your investment as a direct result of the programme, we will refund you the difference.
Tangible, measurable results including costs savings, increased productivity, improved efficiency, reduced waste, improved communication and a positive attitude for change with your workforce. The measurable outcomes will provide a return on investment . . . guaranteed.




£6000 - potential grants for new ScaleupNE clients