What is it?

A focused 2 day facilitated workshop that guides the senior leadership team through a process to identify the biggest challenges and opportunities that are facing the business.

The output will mean you will make significant progress towards your growth targets much faster. You will also have a detailed plan to measure their success, implement the positives and learn from the results.

Lift off is a growth sprint geared towards driving rapid growth.

In part one of the programme we map out the customer journey and identify the opportunities that can be exploited to drive rapid growth and the challenges that are holding you back. This activity is carried out looking at the business through 4 different perspectives: Systems & processes, customer acquisition, customer activation and customer retention.

Part two of the programme will be spent looking at the critical challenges and opportunities in more detail and prioritising them, to create real clarity. Together we’ll then create testable solutions to drive growth and scale. These growth experiments are carried out over a period of 4 – 6 weeks that yields fast results.

Delivered by experienced r//evolution growth strategists over two consecutive days and works best with 5 – 8 participants from the client's business with a cross section of roles including senior leadership, marketing, sales, customer service and operations.





Ambitious fast paced businesses.