What is it?

It’s a lonely and sometimes very scary place when you’re a business leader – you have all these decisions to make, and people reliant on your decisions for their livelihoods.  Sometimes the decisions are so many and so overwhelming, you just put off making them until circumstances force the issue.  Even if you have a Board or an NED, they have their own legal obligations to protect the business – and sometimes they can be the biggest challenge you have.

Additionally, whilst you invest in training your staff, you frequently forget that developing YOUR skills as a leader is just as important – as is your need to step out of the whirlwind of everyday activities and do some long-term planning and strategising. And if you have no Board or NED, the only person who can hold you truly accountable for your actions is you.

The Solution

Growth Circles are business mastermind groups that use a tried and tested formula to help business owners and leaders grow their businesses.  They are delivered using a combination of regular facilitated peer-group problem solving sessions where members hold each other accountable for the decisions they commit to; structured learning programmes to stretch and challenge members’ thinking; and 1-2-1 mentoring from people who really have walked in their leadership shoes. 

Growth Circles have their roots in the longest standing leadership development programme in the world, but have been re-invented to meet the needs of a leader in this 21st Century world.  They have also been designed to take account of the fact that many businesses with the greatest potential to scale in the North East are not at the £MM turnover level – yet!

Each Growth Circle is kept deliberately small – between 6 and 10 members – as this allows people to build real and lasting relationships, and to ensure that the regular problem-solving sessions can help every member who needs it that month.  There are no competitors or trading relationships within a Circle when it launches – and new members post-launch are carefully vetted to ensure there is no potential conflict of interests. 

Growth Circles are utterly confidential and extremely safe places to explore and resolve challenges before they become overwhelming; where ideas for new products or services can be explored; and where the burden of leadership can be shared.

Is a Growth Circle right for you?

Growth Circles currently come in two variations:

Powerhouse Growth Circles – for the leaders or owners of scaling businesses with either a turnover in excess of £750K, or smaller businesses with significant experience of working with business owners and leaders in £MM organisations. Learning is delivered through a combination of 5 x half day Leadership Workshops each year, which are delivered by world-class subject matter experts, and The Ultimate Business Book Club. Peer-group problem solving is delivered through a combination of 7 x half day Mastermind Sessions each year, and supplemented by a 2-hour Zoom-based session in the months when there is a Leadership WorkshopIn-person 1-2-1 mentoring sessions are 2 hours each month per member

Monthly Fees - Powerhouse Growth Circles

Bigger Business – with a turnover of £2M+:                                     £875.00

Smaller Business – with a turnover of less than £2M:                       £437.50

360 Growth Circles - for business owners at the small end of the SME spectrum: microbusinesses; solopreneurs; new(ish) starts, with significant growth potential and big aspirations.  Members tend to be in their first or second serious leadership position, or the founders of microbusinesses. Learning is delivered through a structured and action-focused reading programme: The Ultimate Business Book Club. Peer-group problem solving is delivered through a half day Mastermind Session each month1-2-1 mentoring sessions can be either 1 hour each month, or 2 hours every 2 months, and are predominantly delivered as Zoom video calls. Mindset is more important than turnover, and members need to be prepared to invest in themselves; to be open, honest and vulnerable in sharing their problems, hopes and fears with their peers; and to really want to grow or scale their businesses.

Monthly Fees - 360 Growth Circles                                                             £360.00

There is a 50% discount for members with Charitable status, and a 25% discount for not-for-profit members.  All members who pay by Direct Debit are also given a 5% discount on their fees.



Fast growing companies and those with the potential and drive for significant and fast growth


£360 - £875 size dependant per month