What is it?

Be Franchising assists companies to grow in the UK and internationally by implementing an ethical business format franchising model. Many ambitious companies are restricted in their growth potential due to lack of funds, limited resources or lack of knowledge. Franchising a business requires expert help to systemise processes which enable the business to be replicated, so that investing franchisees can emulate similar results to the franchisor.

Franchising for growth is a tried and tested method of expanding a business at pace. Whilst franchising is common place in the USA, the UK has almost 1000 brands that are franchsing today, operating 48,600 outlets, employing over 710,000 people, in almost every business sector.

Be Franchising has been supporting North East businesses for over 10 years in a variety of business sectors, each of which has its own unique circumstances and challenges.

Our work starts with a comprehensive feasibility study to determine if the business is franchisable. In the process of discovery, we engage closely with the owners of the business and our work by its nature, involves interaction and diagnosis of the business, in consultation with the owners and directors.

Many companies prefer to use a franchising model because it allows the business to grow quickly with less resources and without the need to employ as many additional personnel. The company benefits from the investment in the brand by its franchisees, who are responsible for local sales and service but are trained, supported and managed by the franchisor, to deliver the products and services in their own, usually exclusive geographic territory.

Be Franchising has direct experience of growing businesses using franchise modeling and can produce all of the bespoke documentation required to attract, control and develop a successful franchise network. We also work with the owners and directors of the business to coach and mentor them to become franchisors who lead their franchisees. As a franchisor, the role of managing the network often requires new skills, clearly defined responsibilities and an altered company structure.

One of the key factors in implementing a franchise model is to have good communication and reporting systems, not least of all to ensure proper collection of management fees (royalties). Be Franchising will advise, guide and support expanding companies in the selection and use of IT and accountancy software which is suitable to handle a fast growing franchise network.

In short, we will assess the businesses’ suitability to franchise; the management’s ability to lead and manage growth and we can produce the documentation required for success, through agreed key stage action plans. Where necessary, we will recommend individuals and teams to benefit from the  support provided as part of this programme and sign-post them to other organisations to ensure alignment with the vision and reality.   



Companies considering establishing franchises