What is it?

Our solution helps businesses to attract and recruit high performing people with the right combination of skills, behaviours and values. – We assess how visible a business is to the talent they want to recruit, and help them stand out above their competition – We support development of an effective, simple to implement recruitment strategy, allowing the businesses to take control of their recruitment in-house – We review the organisational structure, roles and responsibilities needed to execute their scaleup plans – We introduce behavioural interview and assessment techniques to ensure the businesses get the right people, for the right roles – We design engaging on-boarding programmes to get people up to speed as quickly as possible, maximising performance and productivity.

In addition to talent attraction and recruitment support, Duo also provides scaleup businesses with skills development and training support, including:-

  • Skill and competency matrices
  • Training needs analysis
  • Workforce development strategies
  • Support creating bespoke training programmes for upskilling staff and supporting businesses to achieve their scaleup plans


Scaling and fast growing businesses