What is it?

ASPIRE by 3P: Talent Management

The 3P way

ASPIRE by 3P is our talent management solution which supports the talent lifecycle of Acquisition, Succession Planning, Improvement and Retention and Engagement and is the power to make confident people choices at all stages of organisational development and business growth. ASPIRE helps business owners, MDs, CEOs, HR and operational teams align talent efforts and optimise the ROI for real results.

What makes us stand out?

ASPIRE is fuelled by top Talent Coaches, using sophisticated-yet-simple talent analytics alongside the 3P Academy. Developing talent, skills and behaviours is fundamental within the ASPIRE program, using the talent analytics and assessments 3P can target specific needs of each individual.

Combining Harrison Assessments & Talent Solutions analytics, ASPIRE brings the certainty that you can attract the right talent, have the right people in the right jobs and can keep them, so you spend less money and energy on hiring and firing and more on growing your business.

Business strategy and growth can be hindered by not having the right people in the right jobs. We help you to anticipate, rather than react, to changes in your business such as leavers, demand, capacity, or environment. We work with you to create a thoughtful plan to mitigate people risk and ensure your business is talent-fit at all times.

Access to the 3P Academy enables your people to be trained and developed according to individual needs aligned to your business goals.

UK engagement levels are at 30%; meaning only 3 in 10 employees are likely to have an emotional commitment to your business. 3P analytics will help you to match business objectives and personal expectations that will drive improvements in retention, engagement and business performance.

The ASPIRE program works with an ongoing client partnership, or it can also be delivered through a modular approach via a menu of tailored options, depending on your specific business needs.

The various options can be discounted for participating companies on the ScaleupNE programme.


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