As a full service, top 100 law firm, Ward Hadaway provides a full range of legal services to support growing businesses when raising finance, creating and growing an intellectual property portfolio, taking on new premises, establishing corporate governance, and delivering strategic advice on issues such as major acquisitions and structuring a workforce.

Key areas for scale-up businesses in which we advise are:

Intellectual Property – we help scale-up businesses develop a bespoke strategy on how to use and protect the IP rights that are relevant to their business and then assist them with implementing that strategy, including registering trademarks and designs, and liaising with patent attorneys to register patents. We can also deal with international protection and exploitation through our international partnership with GGI (see section 3.3 below).

Finance – We help scale-up businesses raise finance. We have experience in all types of investment ranging from proof of concept loans, private equity, crowdfunding and traditional and non-traditional lending models.
Because we also know and have relationships with funders and lenders (we also act for a wide array of funders), we are able to advise scale-up businesses on what funders are looking for, and how businesses should get themselves prepared and ready for investment in order to maximise their chance of a successful fund raise.

Employment – we provide scale-up businesses with unlimited access to employment specialists who provide advice on strategic and day-to-day employment law related issues for a fixed fee. On top of this, we offer a solution whereby companies are fully protected against any Employment Tribunal claim with all costs and any award covered (Terms and Conditions apply – Insurance cover of up to £250,000).

Corporate / Commercial – we provide scale-up businesses advice on maximising commercial benefits and revenue from their commercial contracts. We also advise on a wide range of partnership, joint venture and shareholder arrangements advising on corporate governance issues, helping to guide and advise them on suitable structures and rules for organisational management between stakeholders.

Our offering to scale-up businesses

We offer scale-up businesses our Business Accelerator package.  This is a retainer product, which we do not offer to the market generally, but which we make available on a case-by-case basis having identified whether a particular business fits the criteria of being a scale-up.  We provide eligible businesses with a free legal audit to identify their needs, and to then provide identified bespoke services at a fixed cost on a retainer basis.

For Scaleup North East, we will offer our Business Accelerator package to all businesses on the Scaleup North East programme, with a 10% discount to our usual charges.

For Scaleup North East, our highly experienced legal advisers will undertake a review of the Scaleup action plan created for each scale-up business, and, having met with the business, we will identify key areas where we can provide valuable input. This ensures that the advice we provide is truly bespoke to the company and their action plan for growth.

Our pricing model for our Business Accelerator package is based on a business purchasing a block of time (each block being one hour), with the total cost then split over a 12 month period. The amount of time that each business wants to purchase depends on their legal needs defined from the audit, and the timeframes in which they want to achieve the outputs for the work.

For Scaleup North East, we would provide a discounted rate so that each block of time would cost £200 plus VAT. Given that costs will vary for each client it is difficult to indicate total costs, but most clients will need a block of time of at least 10 hours (£2,000 plus VAT).

Scale-up businesses which take our Business Accelerator package also have access to the following benefits:

  • Networking events and seminars: businesses are invited to attend our range of expert seminars and presentations, together with social events to allow them to grow their network within the business community. This includes facilitating any introductions at these events.
  • Access to networks: We actively pursue opportunities on behalf of the company within our extensive business and intermediary network across the UK and beyond.
  • Access to expertise and mentoring: each scale-up business will have a dedicated legal advisor, selected based on their expertise in that business sector – allowing them to build a relationship from day one, and allowing us to provide sector specific guidance and consultancy.
  • Business reviews: We include quarterly "business review" sessions so scale-up businesses can meet with their legal adviser to talk about the challenges and opportunities they are facing.

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