We believe the key to increasing sales revenue is aligning 4 areas of your customers buying journey with your sales approach. Our qualification and opportunity development tool takes sales people through a simple, proven approach that is engaging and effective for both sellers and non-sellers.

C – customer – why do they buy?
A – alternatives – what do they buy?
S – support – who is buying?
T – target – when do they buy?

With CAST Selling®, we show you how increasing sales and growing revenue is achieved through focusing across these four areas.

Our team works with your business providing real opportunity based sales training and coaching to help you achieve results. In fact, businesses we have previously worked with have typically seen an increase of 35% in sales.

Here’s what just some of them have said:

The CAST Selling methodology is perfect for a scaling technology business like Activ. It gives the clarity on the real sales opportunities where we can win, to give us a common sales language across our business and prioritise where we invest time and resources. Our forecasting accuracy has also improved by around 30% Ian Gillespie, Managing Director, Activ Technology Limited
With my sales team growing and the type of sales opportunities we are pitching for becoming more complex the CAST selling methodology has been fantastic for us. It has enabled me to have a consistent review of sales opportunities with all of my sales team which reduces sales meeting times and improves our productivity. It has also leading to enhanced proposal quality from us. Since we have introduced CAST we have seen our win rate for major sales opportunities increase by 35%. Neil Robbins, Managing Director, Silverbean


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