The solution I offer is to advise on how to scale up businesses in a  competitive market place by providing leadership based on many years of experience in scaling up businesses. I will advise on the companies scale up  plan (or help to draw up a plan if they dont have one) to ensure the plan’s direction is robust and assist the company in executing the detailed plan.

The plan will identify the key barriers and I will give advice on how to solve these barriers by either using my experience, introduction to specialised  providers, using mentors or through a series of workshops.

The national scale up Institute have highlighted the main barriers for scale up companies, these are leadership, access to UK and overseas markets, talent and skills, innovation, and access to finance and infrastructure all these barriers will be addressed if neccessary.   If the company is already in the scaleup execution phase then I will guide the scaleup company in every stage of the plan to ensure the actions are being driven to meet the goals. My solution is based on many years of experience it is practical and has been proven.

I am offering a reduced rate for companies on the scale up North East Programme.


Robert Carling

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Robert Carling

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