VISMAP® (visual strategy mapping) workshops allow a management team to create a business strategy to grow their business.

“Strategy is only easy if you are content to be an imitator. Diversity and variety are the keys to innovation” (Gary Hamel).

Achieving this requires wide involvement across departments and management levels to build strategies that are innovative, owned and effectively implemented. It needs a method robust enough to generate an innovative strategy but simple enough for non-specialists to understand.

The VISMAP® framework provides a journey through your business from understanding your products and markets through to delivering a compelling competitive edge. Most importantly, it allows a team to journey together - a shared experience with common ownership - that is essential for effective implementation. It brings the worlds of strategy, products, markets and finance together to create a road map to growth.

It has been designed by experts in supply chain strategy and finance, distilling the knowledge of an MBA through the practicalities of daily life, and consists of three stages:

1. Board Engagement - Where are we now?

An overview with the senior team, explaining the VISMAP® process and gaining a common understanding of your current state and business value, with a view to your future potential.

2. Strategy Building Workshop - Where do we want to be?

The first workshop coaches you step by step through the strategy building process using VISMAP® storyboards.

3. Route Map Workshop - How will we get there?

Once you have created the strategy is for each product family, VISMAP® moves into identifying the range of actions that will deliver the future state - Strategy is nothing without execution.

We are offering a reduced price for companies on the Scaleup North East Programme.

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