As a business grows it needs to add in management layers which takes away tasks from business owners and MD’s.

In the early days a business may employ friends and family who know the owners and the way they operate. Rapid growth can then lead to the promotion of people who are good at their specialist role rather than being good people leaders. People don’t leave a great business they leave a poor leader.

If a business is to grow with high profits, and productivity it needs the best leadership. High growth businesses can often forget to invest in their people leaders, often dropping them in at the deep.

Whilst this sometimes works there is a large element of risk to this. Evidence of poor behaviours, high sickness, lack of ownership and poor productivity can all be evidence of poor leadership.

The first step is to get the right people in the right roles ie those who align with the companies core values and care and value people. This should be explored in the recruitment process.

The right people should then be given some basic leadership development training, accompanied by follow up coaching to ensure what they learn is then put into practice. Training and giving people the skills hardly ever changes their behaviour without support to do so.

The proposal is to work with MD’s to help them develop their business leaders as they expand their business. Offering practical leadership development to their leadership teams. Often high growth businesses promote managers internally or have managers with little or no experience of leadership due to their rapid growth. I call these accidental leaders.

The first step is to spend time with the MD, Business Owner or Line Manager, depending on the size of the business, to find out what good looks like? Then drill down to establish what they need from each person and what good should look like for each individual?

The offering is a 1 or 2 day practical leadership training which is then followed up by a series of 1 to 1 leadership coaching sessions over a period of months. Training is not offered on it’s own as ROI is not achieved unless follow up coaching is applied after any learning.

This is not a remedial service and does not address poor performance or behaviour, but assists top talent to grow and drive further growth with the business. My approach is very practical and down to earth. The feedback I get most often is how is it so simple. I pride myself on taking complicated information and making it easy to understand and do.

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