Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University works with more than 700 business leaders and managers offering learning experiences that enable significant and sustainable change.  We specialise in the delivery of work based awards for employed professionals. 

The majority of these programmes are designed around the National Occupational Standards for Leadership and Management (2009) and enable learners to work on projects within their own organisation, enabling improvements in business strategy, marketing, people management practice, financial performance and overall operations, alongside developing their leadership and management skills.  Executive Coaching, which has been in operation for 10 years, offering 1:1 support to CEOs of SME’s to enable them to step away from the day to day and focus on the business.  

We run a number of one day CPD programmes which could be tailored for Scale up companies - Essentials of Marketing, Using Strategy and Innovation to grow and sustain your business, Customer Centric Innovation, the dynamics of Digital Marketing, Selling to Businesses, Advanced Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3 days), Building high performance teams, Executive Coaching, Leading for impact, Leading strategic change, Lego Serious Play.

Newcastle Business School also offer the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (BA Hons Business Management and Leadership Practice) and Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship (MBA and MSc Strategic Leadership) which could be easily branded for Scale Ups if there was interest.

The Executive Women Leaders programme is designed specifically for today’s women leaders recognising the particular challenges of male dominated industries.  This programme offers an opportunity for women to gain greater self-understanding and confidence in their own abilities and leadership, and to become ambassadors and role models for other women leaders.

The programme offers a safe and supportive environment to discuss and practice new ways of acting and thinking that reflects your true purpose, values, and identity;

Explore phenomena such as Tiara and Impostor Syndrome and develop strategies to be your authentic self;

Participation provides a unique opportunity to explore gender issues through working with a group of women leaders experiencing similar challenges;

The programme creates the opportunity to reflect on your current leadership practice and to develop a leadership blueprint to ensure your leadership is aligned to your organisational and personal context

You receive detailed feedback on your leadership presence and learn how to develop more influence in your everyday work, as well as for interviews or important presentations

Explore the latest thinking in leadership and develop frameworks that have immediate practical application; Access to an elite network of women professionals to work with in the future

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