Nine Software offers an invaluable approach to software and mobile application related projects, our team look at the challenges which a client faces and then works back from that point, rather than just having a preconceived notion of what they requirement is.  Through our passion for effective solutions our mission is to help customers streamline their business process using innovative useful technology.

The Nine team are delighted to work with the Scaleup NE community in order to help deliver software solutions via our three step plan.

  1. Assess the current “as is” situation across the business in terms of process, workflows and customer journey. Identify what is working well.

  2. Understand the gaps and areas for improvement in the business-in particular where a digital intervention would have a significant impact

  3. Develop & deliver a road map and implementation plan of solutions and improvements for the business with benefits and return on investment support.

Our experience and activity to date has produced significant savings to organisations. This has come in a variety of areas including process efficiency, resource recovery, working smarter, digitisation and improved customer experiences.

So if you’re struggling to find an ‘off the shelf’ product in the marketplace, either because of a lack in functional fit, inflated product price, or limited adaptability, we should be your first port of call.

Nine Software Company

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