New Results provides end to end support for sales and business development to scaling businesses.

We can provide everything from sales training for a new sales team to working with you and your directors in building an effective sales and business development strategy.

The key areas of support we offer include:

  •        Developing your sales strategy
  •        Coaching and coaching training
  •        Sales training for scaling businesses

Developing your sales strategy

Supporting scale up businesses with the following key measures and successes can be tracked:

  • Sales growth
  • Turnover growth
  • Profit margin growth
  • Referral rate increases
  • Conversion rates

Having a robust and flexible sales strategy in place to allow growth and make the most of scaling opportunities. We cover all of the key aspects with you and your team,  the why, what and how of your sales strategy.

Building scaling businesses a robust sales strategy covering everything from customer acquisition to long-term account management.

Coaching and coaching training gives:

  • Increased time efficiency
  • Accountability to action plans
  • Improved talent management
  • Improve productivity

All of which support owners, directors, leaders, managers, and supervisors to get the best from their teams in delivering key scaling plans.

Our 121 coaching for Directors, Business Owners, senior leaders and your managers and designed to support every aspect of scaling businesses development and sales strategy.

Sales training for scaling businesses

Training for scaling businesses in the following key area

  • Winning major clients and key account development
  • Strategic selling
  • Sales essentials
  • Service based selling
  • The real customer journey development
  • The psychology of consumer behaviour (including the real customer journey)
  • The psychology of seller behaviour
  • Phone based selling
  • Face to face sales

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