Our Scaleup Team can help you with:

  • Contractual arrangements in new markets such as agency and distribution agreements and franchising
  • Identifying intellectual property by providing strategic IP audits and assessments
  • Protecting intellectual property with filing and prosecution of registerable IP, designing and refining internal IP management processes to minimise risk
  • Exploiting intellectual property through IP licensing, merchandising and franchising opportunities, formation of strategic alliances to exploit co-creation and co-marketing opportunities

Access to Markets

Our Scaleup Team can help you:

  • Assess the regulatory implications and advice on a strategy for market entry of your products/service in foreign territories.
  • Provide specialist IP advice for overseas trade.
  • Structure your scale-up businesses to best take advantage of the network of international investment treaties and preferential trade agreements

Access to finance

Our scale-up team can help you:

  • Get organised for investor diligence
  • Highlight efficiencies and minimise risk therefore adding value in the scale-up.
  • Find connections and referrals to local and national funders

People and Skills

Our scale-up team can help with:

  • Employment contracts
  • Employee share schemes
  • EMI

We offer a reduction on our fees for companies on the Scale Up North East Programme.  Our fee structures are flexible to suit the needs of the client and we will always offer a free one hour consultation to scope requirements

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