Leanology is an Operational Excellence consultancy based in the North East of England.  We can provide the following solutions to support businesses during times of growth.

We can offer a full consultancy service or alternatively a 1-2-1 support depending on the business need.

We strongly believe in the PEOPLE of an organisation and during times of growth they are the most valuable resource.  Ensuring a business is optimised to get the very best out of its team is crucial.

Leanology can assess a business in terms of structure and approach, offering improvement solutions to reduce waste and focus efforts.

The key is that this must be carried out in a sustainable way. Specifically we can offer training and leadership support.

Training – We develop problem solving capability with front line colleagues and ensure the organsational routines, structures, frameworks and governance are in place to ensure this pattern of behaviour focussed on Continuous Improevment is sustained in the long term.  We can offer full LCS (Lean Competency System) accreditation.

Leadership – We can work with Leadership teams on a range of levels – from assessing the operation works and its structure (including the creation of the target operating model) right down to the solving of specific problems in processes or customer journey.  Ultimately to deliver efficiencies by reducing cost to serve and/or improving customer advocacy through the reduction of lead times and the improvement of quality.


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