In this 6-month program we will provide a solid foundation to grow your business and be successful with your workforce as you continue to focus in the business and growth.

We get your company compliant; it is a mind field out there in the world of HR employment legislation, GDPR & Duty of care.  Without evening knowing it you can could be breaking the law, ultimately this will only come to light if you end up in an employment Tribunal or end up with a disgruntled employee!

This program will audit your current practices, policies, contracts employee documents to ensure you are compliant, if you haven’t got what you need, we will provide it, including a full HR system that will centralise all your people records providing you the governance to move forward.

Then we move on to the real people challenges that can ultimately can prevent or support your growth we start to look at your Employee Retention, Employee Engagement and confidence in your Managers, providing you with a robust people and HR strategy giving you the peace of mind.

We will look at and measure your current culture to develop a people strategy to address any identified issues and set the scene for growth enabling you to deliver better results. Focusing on your employee’s engagement through our survey tool analysing this data with you, to create bespoke practical recommendations to raise your employee’s engagement and retention.


HR2day can help with all of this and more! We will support you and your managers with the right training and tools giving you all the confidence to handle whatever comes your way. You will even get a fully qualified HR business partner you can call on any time throughout the 6 months program.



  • Culture & Employee welfare and engagement
  • Management development, coaching and workshops
  • People/Recruitment strategy and provision for growth


Growing companies between 30- 60 employees


Initial 6 months program £10,000 up to £20,000 for preparing for Investors in People, Leadership & Development programs and much more.