We are a well established specialist in providing advice, guidance, and long term support for companies that are involved in innovation of products, systems, and processes. We specialise in Embedded Capital Allowance claims, R & D Tax credit and RDA claims, as well as Patent Box applications.

Our credentials are second to none with accreditations from the likes of The Law Society, ACCA, and the Chartered Institute of Chartered Accountants for England & Wales.
During 2017 we submitted 834 R & D claims to HMRC and 834 were successful with clients receiving over £21m in benefit.

The areas of taxation as mentioned above are very complex, however our highly qualified staff ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of advice which results in the maximum benefit for the client.

The Tax law in these areas is both complicated and constantly changing.
 Our staff are in a constant training programme to ensure that we give the best possible benefit to our clients each and every time.

Our Technical Director sits on the Steering Committee at HMRC and he ensures that all changes to the HMRC guidelines are communicated to both our staff and our clients.

Our systems are constantly being tweaked to ensure that our client journey is effective for both client and HMRC. We do not submit a claim without ensuring that each and every component part is within the guidelines, and in the best interests of our clients.

As an exclusive offer for Scaleup NE clients we have reduced our fees to 15% of the benefit received by our clients. If no benefit then no fees are payable.


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