Born Leader was set up by two British Army Officers in 2010. The experience from both their military and civilian careers has provided niche skills, which allowed them to create bespoke training programmes for a number of blue chip companies in the North East.  This training, underpinned by a solid grounding in leading edge process methodology, helps people who work together to cope effectively with crises, to solve complex problems and to improve their team dynamics. The tried and tested methodologies used by the British Army are directly applicable to the business environment and it is anticipated that the result of the package will be a well thought out Strategy and Implementation plan to which everyone can subscribe.

Typical Programme of Activities

Initial Briefing to staff team followed by discussions with individuals as necessary. This will ensure that the Belbin process will be as accurate as possible. This initial briefing is followed by a Strategy Workshop using the underpinning strategy used by the Roman Empire highlighted in the movie Gladiator. 

Leadership Event

  • Meet at offsite venue
  • Series of activities including:
  • Team Roles and Profiling
  • What makes teams work effectively
  • Team tasks and Command tasks
  • Final confirmatory team exercise
  • Debrief and retrospective on the day’s activities


Born Leader

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Mark Jackson

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07771 930 314

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