Auxin are business scale-up specialists with a proven track record who through our tailored formula, help business leaders define and achieve their goals, turning their ambitious strategies into reality.

We harness the skills and experience of business coaches who have all been involved as business leaders in a wide range of capacities.

Through our people and process, we help companies to:

  • Build a successful business quicker
  • Provide clarity and confidence to take the right direction
  • Learn from experienced business leaders

Our work is relevant to established businesses that are at a critical stage in their development, or those striving to evolve from a state of inconsistent revenue and unpredictability. We drive toward achieving assured growth with predictable profit delivery and increasing demand in a growing market.

We have many examples of our successes and are happy to share these.

Our methods are encompassed in an individually delivered framework engagement which is:

  • Built around a 7-stage developmental structure
  • Executed with proven, innovative methods
  • Tracked with contemporary online tools
  • Delivered by a team of business growth specialists with broad experience and engaging approach
  • Integrated across the business – not just with the principal

Working with the right organisation, we;

  • Inspire clear, innovative, strategic direction
  • Identify and develop valuable business assets
  • Set goals and monitor progress to drive achievement through OKR (Objectives and Key Results methodology)
  • Build confidence and ability within the leadership
  • Measure the improvements

We deliver our services through a team of highly experienced consultants who have highly credilble track records. 

While the true benefit of our work comes from those businesses that engage fully, we are able to support specific engagements as required.

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