Businesses on the Scaleup North East programme are being given an exclusive opportunity to join a world-leading support system.

Your Virtual Boardroom provides small, fast-growth companies with access to a highly experienced board of directors. The system is the brainchild of Success Engineers founders, Simon Hartley and Dino Tartaglia.

Scaleup North East companies will not only receive a 10% discount on My Virtual Boardroom but will also receive digital access to a Growth Mindset workshop and a Growth Mindset group coaching session.

Because being the director at the helm of an SME can be an isolating position to find yourself in, hiring a virtual board will give you clarity, accountability, direction and ultimately, results.

Companies that sign up to Your Virtual Boardroom will benefit from:

  • A Virtual Board – structured board meetings in a virtual setting held 9 times throughout the year.
  • Meetings In-Person – Physical board meetings with a twist, meeting 3 times per year.
  • A Selected Group – Your curated board will consist of 8-12 members max.
  • Knowledge – Key experts and a specially selected peer group will give you access to a diverse but focused range of experience, expertise and perspectives.
  • Accountability – Being accountable to a board can make a difference in your month-on-month performance. The key is having the support and backing of your board between meeting to assist with issues and questions.
  • Performance Focus – Each board meeting will require you to present and understand your numbers. Peer and expert discussion will help you determine what your priorities and key actions will be.
  • Workshops – Sessions delivering a focus on a specific area or topic that the group will benefit from.
  • Zero Risk – You’ll experience and benefit from the mechanism by which large, successful firms build and sustain their success, without the risk.
  • 3-Month Guarantee – with a 3 month, no risk guarantee, you’ve nothing to lose and much to gain!


Simon Hartley, talking about the programme said, “Most small businesses simply don’t have access to an experienced board of directors. Many may not hold formal board meetings or adopt the disciplines that are common in larger, more established businesses. Having worked with a vast number of entrepreneurs and founders, we know just how valuable this type of support is. It’s why we call this, ‘The board you would love to afford’”.

“Your Virtual Board consists of a team of other entrepreneurs, business owners and founders who are all on the same journey. Like many peer coaching groups, we enable them to share their knowledge and experiences, solve problems together and provide each other with a sounding board for ideas. In addition, we also provide a boardroom environment where business owners can report their numbers every month, be challenged by their peers and hold each other accountable. We also provide a Chair, a Non-Exec and a Finance Director into each Virtual Boardroom”.

Up North East’s Programme Director, Jason Legget says, “This is extremely valuable to scaling businesses providing support for the management team and offering oversight and valuable advice. It’s a great opportunity for our community of Scaleup companies to access such an innovative service at a discount.”

For more information and to hire your virtual board please visit the website

To access the exclusive Scaleup North East offer please use code: ScaleUp10X