As part of a unique partnership, Scaleup North East is working with Vistage Leaders across the NE to develop a bespoke Vistage group to support and sustain your Scaleup success.  Vistage Groups are a proven peer-advisory and leadership development model that helps business leaders achieve significant growth. Vistage tailor the membership of each peer advisory groups to ensure each member gets maximum benefit.

These confidential groups support you by working on your most pressing issues along with an exclusive selection of 12-16 MDs, CEOs and business owners and led by a highly trained executive coach.

Members join in order to focus on:

  • Leadership Enhancement
  • Business Optimisation
  • Resources and Learning
  • Culture and Community

There are a limited number of spaces at the following events to find out more about the group in the coming weeks including:

  1. A Vistage Dinner, held at The Baltic, Gateshead on 2 May
  2. Attendance at an Open Day on 7 June in Newcastle
  3. Or, if you prefer an informal one-to-one meeting with a Vistage Chair, Andrew Marsh.

To apply to join this exclusive opportunity you must register for Scaleup North East here and we’ll be in touch with further details.