Michale Fulthorpe

Market leading sales training and coaching business Stormcast has not only joined the Scaleup North East programme but is now offering it’s unique and innovative sales platform CAST Selling®, software to ensure that training and coaching is delivering long lasting results to other Scaleup firms.

Stormcast Sales Consulting help SME businesses grow through improving sales performance and bring a wealth of industry sales knowledge, innovation and expertise to their clients. Their ethos is rooted in enhancing and improving the sales profession in everything they do. Helping businesses of all sizes to re-imagine their sales capability through transformation of people, process and methodology to deliver next-level sales results.

Having joined the Scaleup North East programme in September to scale their own organisation, Stormcast has a plan to become a market leading sales consultancy and training business working throughout the UK. Scaleup Partner, Jon Symonds has been working with Managing Director, Michael Fulthorpe in order to build on the foundations of growth – looking at all aspects of the business from financial modelling and infrastructure to the staffing and technological requirements needed to successfully scale the business.

Stormcast’s unique sales tool CAST Selling® is aimed at scaling business owners, sales leaders and the sales people that need to improve sales performance to grow their business and is a key asset to growing businesses. The development of this innovative platform has resulted in Stormcast becoming a Scaleup Solutions Provider – offering their services to other companies on the Scaleup North East programme.

To help support ambitious and fast businesses, Michael will deliver a series of interactive one day workshops for scaleup leaders using the platform to help identify the most productive sales leads. The session will focus on how to better understand and align customer buying journey and perform more effective qualification, how to build impactful solutions, develop relevant value propositions and much more. 

The workshop is ideal for sales executives, business development managers, account managers, start up business owners or anyone wishing to advance their sales skills and performance in a B2B sales environment. support (online and telephone) with Stormcast Sales Consulting to provide support on their specific sales opportunities.

Following the workshop, all delegates will receive FREE access to the accompanying CAST Selling® software application for 12 months and will also receive 3 months post workshop 1:1 coaching. Scaleup North East companies will receive a 20% discount off the ticket price with the promo code RTCSCALEUP.

Stormcast’s next event takes place in Newcastle upon Tyne on 20 February.

Jon Symonds said, “Stormcast Sales Consulting is an exciting company with huge potential to grow. Michael’s enthusiasm for coaching, training and helping businesses achieve their full sales potential shine’s through. I’m looking forward to working further with Stormcast as they progress through the programme and fulfil their scaleup ambitions.”

Michael Fulthorpe continued: “We wanted to create a sales consulting business that delivered more value to business owners than can be achieved through more traditional sales training. Our approach engages with sales teams on real sales opportunities and with the CAST Selling® tool, our clients see results and outcomes sooner and it’s longer lasting. Being selected to join the Scaleup North East programme was a real coup for us and we believe it will help us capitalise on our strong performance.”