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Coaching – a key skill for leaders and managers in unlocking your team’s potential

Coaching is a brilliant and, at times, misunderstood business tool. Managers and leaders like you can get more from the team around you, in key things like individual productivity, team engagement, empowering individuals, boosting creativity, supporting individuals in their development through creating a coaching culture.

This interactive and engaging session includes the following:

  • Understanding what coaching is and how you can use a coaching approach today
  • Starting your coaching journey, starting your coaching culture
  • Identifying and using the key tools and resources you need as a coach
  • Video and phone-based coaching for remote individuals and teams
  • Using your time to coach effectively, creating great coaching conversations
  • Developing your own coaching culture, where do you start?
  • Having your own coaching questions answered

Equipping you with the key coaching skills and knowing how and when to coach is critical. You will spot some of the common mistakes that others are making and learn how you avoid them. Exploring what coaching is (and what it’s not), when and how to use it to really help boost your team’s productivity.

This session is intended to give you a clear understanding of coaching and how you can use this in your organisation. We will also share our experience of:

  • Coaching in a corporate environment and helping SME’s create a coaching culture
  • Being a coach for over 15 years and being coached
  • What we have learned about coaching remote teams and using technology to coach


LinkedIn for Professionals (using LinkedIn as a key business development tool)

Why do YOU use LinkedIn?

You know the importance of having a strategy in your organisation and a goal for you and your team. You also know that goal setting and measuring your results are the most effective ways of getting things done. So why don’t more people have a clear strategy (or even some simple goals) on LinkedIn. Normally we can spot the danger, but with LinkedIn lots of users seem to be tinkering and playing rather than having a clear purpose and method for using LinkedIn.

Nevil is an avid LinkedIn user, being a member of LinkedIn for the last 12 years, a highly experienced trainer in LinkedIn as well as the author of the 5 star rated “Sales Success on LinkedIn” book.

This engaging session covers the following:

  • Creating a strategy on LinkedIn focusing on business development
  • Understanding how to use LinkedIn effectively and efficiently
  • Building engaging personal profiles that focus on building trust
  • Finding existing contacts and growing your online network
  • Helping key new potential contacts find you
  • Developing a strategy, goals and measures that will help you track your activity
  • Finding, connecting and arranging conversations with your new contacts
  • Sharing content to engage your networks
  • Using search (and advanced) searches to find new contacts
  • Creating a simple and effective follow up process (moving off LinkedIn and staring a discussion)

By the end of this session:
You will be equipped with all of the tools and techniques you need to help others find you, helping them engage with you and helping to raise your online profile.

You will have fresh ideas, approaches and perspectives on how to make LinkedIn work for you as part of your business development.

You will be able to update and refine your profile, creating an engaging presence on LinkedIn.

This session is designed to help you create a focus on LinkedIn, helping you get the very best from the most effective business social media platform.


Your strategic approach to winning major clients

A major client, a corporate or well-known customer brings significant advantages, including the opportunity to use it as a reference for other potential customers. But how do you go about securing them? Nevil Tynemouth has extensive experience in sales environments and will introduce you to some of the key concepts in the sales strategy and process specifically around engaging and winning major clients.

This content includes the following:

  • Developing a strategic approach to winning major clients
  • Creating a focus list (our 10/25 approach)
  • Knowing how each of your team can contribute to winning major clients
  • Understanding the pre-work and preparation needed for your strategy
  • Creating key actions and activities as a team to engage major clients
  • Looking for opportunities to leverage existing relationships to get in front of major clients
  • Understanding and using the most appropriate routes in to major clients
  • Focusing on the key tools and goal setting mind-set that makes major client interaction successful

Once this has been covered, we will look at the specific approaches proven to be engaging for major clients. Sharing key successes, we will look at the following process (SAPS) for client engagement:

  • Using the telescope and microscope approach to understand more about their world
  • Planning using our PRE planning tool
  • Using trust as a core relationship building tool
  • Understanding the “Significant pain, change or opportunity” presenting in your major customer
  • Finding out about their “Access to funds”, budget and timescales
  • Digging in to fully appreciate their internal “Purchasing or procurement process”
  • Discovering the effects that “Sleepless nights” have on individual contacts and using this in the sales process

Equipping you with key tools that can be reused to engage major clients, understanding their world and engaging all part of a major client. This interactive workshop equips you with the key tools and methods to understand major clients in more detail, focussing on the most important opportunities for them (and you).

You will leave the session with a clear idea on how to focus your team on winning major clients and how you build a focused strategy as a business. You will have a framework approach that wil allow you to engage and win new clients in a more effective way


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