No matter what level of public speaking experience a person has, anyone who sets out to make a presentation has a unique opportunity to seal a deal, to influence and persuade and to shine in front of clients, colleagues or management. 

A presentation delivered with impact projects a professional image of the presenter with the company; it enables more effective communication to take place internally, it reduces the perception of wasted time and creates more memorable meetings. Externally, it can secure contracts and business by giving the company a definite edge over the competition. 


Powerful presentation skills is a signature course from ProTraining. It achieves results quickly. It's limited to just eight participants so that individual coaching is an integral part of the process. 

What will participants experience? 

Each presenter will be his or her own judge...far more critical than any audience member when participants see themselves on camera they know immediately what they want to change and Protraining provide the how. 

 What will participants learn? 

In today's world, people are too busy to waste time in boring, ineffective and uninspiring presentations. This course helps people to quickly transform their style and engage their audience with versatile tools. 

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