RE is an eclectic interiors store selling a range of recylced and own-designed textiles and home accessories from their base in Corbridge, rural Northumberland to the world via their mail order service. Store founders, Jenny Vaughan and Simon Young have been working with Scaleup Partner, Angelina Bell to scale the business.


Jenny Vaughan (JV), Founder, RE: Both of our background’s are fashion design and we met each other too long ago to remember really, and we’ve worked together teaching fashion at what was the poly which is now Newcastle University. We did a lot of travelling to some really interesting places, comparative shopping, places like Milan, Paris, New York and what we were starting to notice was the importance of lifestyle shops and how exciting they were.

We knew that the business had to move on and we knew that possibly, we didn’t have the insight to focus where we were going to take the business and how we were going to do it and we hear about Scaleup and decided that that was going to be a really good process.

Angelina Bell (AB), Scaleup Partner, Scaleup North East: So, when I first arrived on of the first things we did, we looked at some action planning, stretching some objectives further out to what they were currently doing. This uncovered that there were some time management issues in the business because Jenny and Simon, their main strengths are they are fantastic designers and the reality of running the business is that they were spinning lots of plates, working lots of hours.

Simon Young (SY), Founder, RE: It’s great having somebody, as Jenny said, with fresh eyes, that’s a really important thing. Somebody that isn’t bogged down in your day to day and actually says, hang on a minute, look at this in a different way. And that’s been really important to us.

AB: I think a visible change in the company is that when I come in and see them now they can show me their financial forecasts and we can discuss those and how they are adhering to those targets and they’ve also shared with me the time management study and the areas they know when they are spending time on things that perhaps as the business owners, the creative designers in the business they shouldn’t be and so moving forward there will definitely be changes made in that area.

JV: A bit of advice we would give is just to do it, have the confidence to approach Scaleup and go through the process and develop the business.