From one of our Scaleup North East Providers, The HR Dept shares Coronavirus FAQ 

Due to the volume of enquiries that we are receiving from our clients about coronavirus (Covid-19), we have produced an FAQ guide. It’s important that you, as business owners, keep up to date daily and follow advice from the following organisations where they apply to your business/industry, as these take precedence over the FAQ responses in this document:

Acas (all employers should follow these guidelines)

CQC (Care homes, hospitals, doctors, dentists, clinics etc.) – At the point of publication, CQC had no information on their website about dealing with coronavirus, but we are aware that they are providing specific advice when you contact them.

Public Health England (PHE)

Public Health Wales

Health Protection Scotland (HPS)

Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice

General Advice

As a general rule, employers should do the following:

Keep communication flowing. This is an ever-changing situation so it’s important to keep talking about the actions you are taking. Have an open-door policy for any concerns that employees may have.

Review and update all employee contact numbers and emergency contact details.

Know where your staff are travelling to and returning from. This applies to both business and holiday travel.

Remain current with government advice regarding self-isolation/quarantine requirements from each country. See above websites.

Advise employees experiencing symptoms, after possible contact, to remain at home and call 111 for advice in the first instance (rather than immediately go to their GP or hospital).

Managers should be informed of how to spot symptoms of coronavirus, see above links.

Have a clear process to follow if someone is diagnosed with coronavirus.

Ensure that you provide clean places for people to wash their hands with hot water and soap, and encourage your staff to do this regularly.

Think about protective resources. For example hand sanitisers/gel and tissues should all be made available. Ensure these are alcohol free for Muslim staff. Current PHE guidance is that face masks are ineffective and are not recommended as a preventative measure.

Increase general cleaning routines for handrails, door handles etc.

Think about planned business travel and question whether it is essential.

Have a home working policy.

Have a business continuity plan.

Keep employees thinking pragmatically. Those who have laptops should take them home each night so they can continue to work if they are unable to come in.

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