The Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshop - Taster Session

The Growth Predictor Index invite all Scaleup North East clients to this strategic and interactive workshop to help you gauge the capability of your business to accelerate and de-risk growth in the Disruption Age.

Take-home value:

  • New insight into the risks and opportunities of the Disruption Age
  • New insight into the predominant mindsets in your company and how these impact the future of your business
  • An understanding of why an Entrepreneurial Mindset is our main defence against obsolescence and the source of our growth – at a personal and corporate level
  • A risk assessment of company culture and team performance
  • Opportunity to apply an Entrepreneurial Mindset to the challenges facing your team and business today – to experience its powerful and potential impact

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October 08th 2019

08:30am - 11:00am


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Growth Predictor Index

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